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Is Contractor-Based Lubrication Right for You?

In my trips to various plants over the last year or so, I’ve noticed a silent movement toward contractor-based lubrication. Although not many people are talking about it, I would venture to say that every facility I’ve visited in the last six months has had some form of outsourced labor performing maintenance and lubrication tasks.…
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Oil prices in 2018: Again it’s all about U.S. shale output

NEW YORK and LONDON (Bloomberg) -- The direction of oil prices in 2018 will be decided in Texas. Crude oil production out of the U.S. is expected to hit record levels next year, buoyed in part by OPEC supply curbs that have put a floor under prices. For analysts forecasting prices next year, there are…
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The Role of Extreme Pressure Additives in Gear Oil

What does it do? In most slow, highly loaded, geared applications there exists a lubricating condition that is ultimately responsible for most failures due to adhesive wear. This condition is known as a boundary condition. In a boundary condition there is no separation of the interacting surfaces. The function of an extreme pressure (EP) additive…
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