Base Oil Basics: Quality Starts at the Base

Lubrication is as old as transportation. The horse-drawn wagons of olden times used leftover meat greases and tallow to lubricate wooden axles. Later, pine tar and hog fat were mixed together for use as a lubricant. Eventually, linseed oil, originally developed as a wood preservative, became the lubricant of choice for coachmen. Early automotive engines…
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Interpreting Oil Analysis: What does it tell you?

We’ve written quite extensively on the benefits of oil analysis and the proper methods of sampling oil for testing. Many of our customers know from experience that a routine laboratory analysis of in-service oil can help predict and prevent equipment failure or maintenance issues caused by oil contaminants. But what exactly does an oil analysis tell…
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Is Contractor-Based Lubrication Right for You?

In my trips to various plants over the last year or so, I’ve noticed a silent movement toward contractor-based lubrication. Although not many people are talking about it, I would venture to say that every facility I’ve visited in the last six months has had some form of outsourced labor performing maintenance and lubrication tasks.…
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