Track Your Lubricant’s Journey to Optimize Machine Health

If your lubrication operation were a hospital blood bank, would patients feel confident that transfusions would sustain life, or would they envision a shorter life expectancy? The often-used analogy of lubricants as the lifeblood of equipment makes sense. People visiting a blood bank expect to witness sound organizational practices for receiving donations, testing the blood,…
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What’s Fueling the Rise in Gas Prices

The days of $2 a gallon gas are over in the U.S., as shifts in global oil production drive up prices. The WSJ's Stephanie Yang explains what's fueling the recent rise.

40 Helpful Guidelines for Purchasing Lubricants

Achieving optimum benefit from lubrication and maximizing equipment uptime is more than just the correct lube application and monitoring. While these are essential components, getting the correct lubricant is the first step. This is not always as simple as it sounds because of multiple vendors, sole sourcing or variable and/or qualitative purchasing decisions. It can…
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How to Verify Oil Filtration Efficiency

Most maintenance professionals know that clean oil can result in significant cost savings and that oil analysis can be used to reveal the state of lubricants and machines. However, as online particle counters and other sensors become increasingly popular, it is important to be aware that one number does not tell the whole truth about…
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