Understanding the Differences Between Base Oil Formulations

All lubricants contain a base oil. It serves as the foundation of the lubricant before it is blended with additives or a thickener in the case of a grease. But how do you know which base oil is best? Trying to choose between mineral oils and synthetics can be confusing. This article will break down…
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Why You Should Crosscheck Your Oil Analysis Lab

Ensure the Integrity of Your Oil Analysis Data How many times have you sent off an oil sample and had results come back that seemed odd or with information that you just couldn’t accept? While this isn’t the norm with oil analysis data, it does happen. Each result should be scrutinized and reviewed. Look for…
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Best Practices for Performing Oil Analysis on Your Engine Oil

The benefits of oil analysis are enjoyed throughout all industries that operate mechanical equipment. Power plants track the changes in performance properties of thousands of gallons of turbine oil, as slight changes could lead to or indicate the onset of component failure. The main gearboxes in wind turbines are monitored regularly through oil analysis, since…
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Common Mistakes to Avoid in Interpreting Oil Analysis Reports

Recently I received a request to review an oil analysis report for a critical compressor. Based on the results of some basic tests conducted by the laboratory, the report indicated that the compressor was normal and fit for continued use. However, while going through the report, I discovered that some key tests were missing and…
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