Designing the Optimum Lubricant Storeroom

Without lubrication, industry would grind to a halt. It is a fact that the cogs of industry rotate around a well-oiled operation, literally. Therefore, it is fair to say that an oil storage room should be of the same high standards as a presidential suite - not lacking in anything. Then why is it that…
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Customer Appreciation Day & Delo® Truck Event

In March we hosted a Customer Appreciation Day featuring the Delo® Truck at our Donaldsonville facility. The event was a great success with many in attendance.The Delo Truck is an 80-foot, eye-catching rolling education center. The truck offers informational displays to help visitors understand the importance of premium performance heavy-duty engine oils, lubricants and coolants.…
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How to Make Your Oil Analysis Program Produce More Alerts

I want bad news fast. Why? Problems tend to compound. Rarely do they heal themselves. Instead, the worse things get, the faster they get worse. As time passes, the cost of repair and lost production can soar exponentially. Maintenance resources need focus and preemptive timing. The longer you wait to respond to what causes failure,…
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